The Marawarpina – The Pinnacle of our winemaking activities

In keeping with the tradition of our unique name ‘Pen’ meaning five & ‘Mara’ meaning hand. Marawarpina is an ancient Aboriginal word meaning to “stretch out the hand.”

When the Five Families decided to produce a classic Australian red wine, we looked into Australia’s rich wine history for our inspiration. The classic wines from Australia in the 1940’s, 50’s & 60’s were multi regional blends from great winemakers like Maurice O’Shea. To achieve our goal we will continue this trend, by combining the best of our Five Families, with the best of other premium wine regions in Australia. Literally the Five Families have stretched out their hands to create a wine of exceptional quality.

Marawarpina 2005

Regions: Clare Valley 70% / Orange Region 30%
Barrel Treatment: 18 months (40% New Oak)
Alcohol: 14.0% pH: 3.32 TA: 7.8 g/L

For this inaugural release, we have reached out to our friends in the Clare Valley, South Australia, who were able to provide us with a special parcel of their Shiraz. When we blended this wine, with our best barrels of Shiraz from the Orange Region, our winemakers knew we had something very special indeed.

Reward your highest achievements with the Marawarpina.

The best there is from the Five Families of Penmara.

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