Real People – Real Passions – The Five Families of Penmara
It is the dedication and passion of the members of the Five Families that create our award winning wines.
The old saying that great wines are made in the vineyard is true, but it also takes a great winemaker and a team of people behind the scenes.
Penmara is lucky to have all these bases covered.
We have Five Families who are completely dedicated to the quality coming out of their vineyards and a winemaker with over 30 years experience.

The Key People
John Horden – Chief Winemaker – Director

John Hordern is the third generation of his family to make wine in the Hunter Valley. His son is now learning the ropes and he will soon be the fourth.Penmara Wines Key People
John is the owner of the Horseshoe Vineyard in the Hunter Valley, and co owner with the D’Aquino family of our winemaking facility, also based in the Hunter Valley
He has presided over 30 vintages in the Hunter Valley and other premium Australian Regions and he has a wealth of experience to call on

Matthew Eagan - General Manager
The Second Generation of the Eagan family to enter the wine industry, after his father established the Birnam Wood property in the late 1980’s
He learnt the wine business whilst working for the International Department of Tyrrell’s Wines in the 1990’s and he was able to use these skills when he helped create the Penmara Business model. He is now responsible for the day to day running of the company and has been made part owner, along with the other Family members.

The Families
The D’Aqunio Family

The D’Aquino family first started making wine in 1952
Rex D’Aquino is now the third generation of his family at the helm of his families extensive wine operations.
Rex controls the vineyard operation, plus a well established business that includes wholesaling, importing and exporting of wine.
He brings his three generations of Wine experience onto the Penmara Board of Directors.

The Eagan Family
Established the Birnam Wood Vineyard in the late 1980’s Penamra Wines Directors
A successful business career in the Motor industry through the 1970’s and 80’s gave Michael Eagan his life long ambition of growing and making his own wine. He now proudly calls himself a Hunter Valley Vigneron and enjoys getting his hands dirty in the day to day management of the vineyard

The Tapp Family
Established the Tangaratta Vineyard in the early 1990’s
Extensive business interests in the Agricultural Seed Development industry led to an opportunity to extend their business interests into Vineyards. A new business that they have taken too like ducks to water, or more aptly like a vigernon to a great vintage

The Evans Family
Established the Martindale Vineyard in the early 1990’s
Extensive interests in servicing the booming Australian Mining Industry has led to Rob Evans fulfilling his dream of the Vigneron lifestyle.
Rob Spends a lot of time flying his own small plane around the Australian outback visiting his many mining clients, but the one trip he enjoys more than any, is the flight back home to his beloved Vineyard in the Hunter Valley

The Beale Family
Established the Lilyvale vineyard in the early 1990’s
John Beale is the Financial Director of Penmara Wines, having a strong background in Accounting and Financial services. He planted his vineyard in the early 1990’s which started his lifelong ambition of a vigneron. He brings a strong financial acumen to the Penmara Board of Directors.

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