White Ribbon

What you need to know about The White Ribbon Range...

  • Not all Aussie wines are fruit bombs that are over extracted and over oaked
  • The focus for The White Ribbon is elegance, finesse and style
  • Our wines are all about the second and third glass, not just sipping on the tasting bench
  • The White Ribbon wines are best enjoyed with your family and friends

White RibbonThe White Ribbon range is made by the Five Families of Penmara and we are proud to add this exciting new brand to our stable of wines. Birds are the common enemy of all Vignerons and there are literally hundreds of methods used to protect the precious grapes from these pesky creatures. Air Guns and real guns (To scare away, not kill), fake hawkes, netting, scarecrows, and music, both Rock and Rap, just to name a few.

Min Eagan, of Birnam Wood Vineyard in the Hunter Valley, is an avid seamstress. One year she had a bunch of old ribbons and decided to try something a little different. She attached these ribbons to the posts that hold up the vines, in the thought that their movement in the wind would help to keep the birds away. To be honest, we are not certain that it worked all that well, but it sure did look good. White ribbons, against a backdrop of green and blue from the vines and sky, quite a sight! We always referred to this block as the White Ribbon Block and it just happens to be the source of our best fruit, even if the birds still do manage to steal a few grapes.

The White Ribbon ... Australian Wines at their Best .

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